About Us

Describe Sada Looms in a sentence.
To design and make beautiful, timeless clothing while caring for the environment and caring for the people who make them.

Where did your Sada venture begin?
I became interested in sustainable fashion a few years ago, surprised at the lack of sustainable clothing brands available in Australia, and the lack of information for customers about where and how the clothes we buy are made.

Along with a drive to run my own business and to learn the challenges of owning my own store, I set out to make Sada Looms a reality.

The Sada Looms ethos lies in buying quality goods once, rather than lesser quality often: smart basics, ethical essentials, and easy to wear and care for designs. My clothes are made with longevity in mind.

Tell us about where you get your fabric from?
The process began with locating a small weaving, green-building certified facility in the town of Chennimalai in Southern India, where trained artisans use old wooden handlooms and the highest quality linen and cotton to loom gorgeous fabrics. Only a handful of artisans remain here, devoted to their art. A venture that preserves heritage skills, alleviates poverty and gives back to the community a sustainable way of living.

The unique craft of the handloom is quickly becoming a dying trade. While power looms are a quicker and cheaper alternative, the quality and beauty of the handloom is beyond comparable. From beginning to end hand-woven fabrics leave the tiniest carbon footprint.

What do you love about what you do?
I love working with homeworkers in India to keep these traditional techniques thriving. Each time I visit I am inspired by the talented artisans that so lovingly bring our creations alive.

My little shop in the small, seaside town in which I live allows me to create a strong connection with customers. This was important to me from the beginning. Getting to know women’s bodies and insecurities and in return helping them feel comfortable, relaxed and confident!

For me self-confidence comes from first being comfortable; comfortable in the environment we live in and comfortable in the clothes we wear. If I can in any way create clothes that help women feel more like themselves then I feel like I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do.

What inspires you the most?
I am inspired by the everyday woman and beautiful Australian landscape surrounding me. I look to my backyard for inspiration: earthy tones, Australian gums, the beach and surrounding coastline, the farm at which I live and create.